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The Perfect World

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My version of a "Perfect" World

It is actually quite simple for a Utopia to exist: every human being's thoughts have to be equal. No one should try to exceed others, or have competitive thoughts over people. However, this is almost impossible to do, because we are all human here. We want to do better than others, and we have different thoughts and perspectives about other people, ways of doing things, and many others. A Utopia would have to consist of people with democratic political views; each person would have different incomes according to how hard they work; healthcare would be free for all people, and environment and should be protected.

First of all, everyone would have to have equal political views; no one should want to be different from the society, and want to use anarchy, monarchy, or any other thoughts on politics. This is very hard to do, if you look at our society we live in. However, it could exist, if everybody thought the same; if then, not many people would actually think about it and live on in a democratic society.

People's jobs would be different according to their interests, and most people would have to be happy and love what they are doing. To be fair, and avoid rebels, income for each job would have to start off with the same amount of money as the rest of the people, and it will change later on regarding their participation, and how diligent they are. If people were happy about what they were doing, and happy on the amount of money they are earning, then crime rate would be reduced drastically. This is almost impossible to do, because we are all people here. People obviously would want to have a better job than cleaning toilets, and no one would be interested in doing so, nor would they be happy about their job.

Health is the most important factor a person needs to survive. Without a healthy body, a person cannot live, and function properly. Therefore, healthcare and medical attention should be free for everyone and emergency help to all people in the society regardless of their jobs and status for humanitarian reasons. However, if done so, doctors would not be able to earn money, and no one would want to become a doctor. Government could give the money to the doctors, but then people would have to pay more taxes, which leads to rebels.

Environment needs to be protected; therefore, energy source needs to be provided with eco friendly energy source, such as solar energy, wind power, hydroelectric power, and so on. This can be possible, but it is pretty expensive than the power source that can harm the environment. Although this many be a little expensive, if people from this perfect society can keep up with using the eco-friendly power sources, then the environment can stay clean, preventing pollutions.

There are a lot more world issues that needs to be solved in order to make a "perfect" world for people to live



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