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Short Essay on the Role of Women in the Church

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Essay Preview: Short Essay on the Role of Women in the Church

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Short Essay on the Role of Women in the Church

The role of women in the church same to be one of the most significant issues facing the church today. In today's society we see that women are taking their place in ministry in the front and not on the sideline but most people would totally disagree with this because it has always been men in leadership.

My friend Mary came to me for advice about what she should do about getting into ministry at her local church and she did not want to commit until she had understanding. In the New Testament I Timothy 3; 1-13 it clearly tells us what a deacon and an elder are and the qualification of each office. A deacon is a servant of the Lord that must be blameless, have one wife, not given to wine, not be greedy for money, be good ruler of his house not be double minded and prove to be a servant. An elder in the church as well has some of the same traits of deacon but also must not be no striker, not a novice, must be temperate, orderly, give to hospitality, gentle, not contentious, of good reputation and able to teach. Mary wanted to know can women be elders and deacons in the church. Based on the Scripture Galatians 3:28 it is telling us that it Jesus does not make a difference in our race nor sex. Jesus looked at man and woman being equal; Women played a valuable role in the bible as leaders. Look at Deborah in the bible she was not only a prophetess but a judge as well (Judges 4:4) To answer your question Mary yes women can be elders and deacons. In my church we have deacons and deaconess because it is the belief of my pastor that everyone is equal in God's eyes. It clearly tells us in Romans 2:11 that God does not show partiality because of one's sex or gender. Even in Acts 10:34 Peter even realized that God did not show favoritism.

Mary you must understand that people still today will not agree with women being in the front when it comes to ministry in the church. Many people believe as Paul did in I Corinthians 14:34-35 that women should be silent in church and not heard. In Act 2:16-17 the Prophet Joel clearly tells us that it will come to pass in the last days that God will pour out his spirit not on some but all flesh and that your sons and daughters will prophesy. It is the same way in the life outside the church that people will try say men our more superior than women in the workplace. I think as long as we remember who we serve and the price he paid for our lives to be free than we understanding the importance of been a servant for God. It is not about because I am a man I shoulder have rule over you because my gender is different than yours. Women have the same impact as men do when comes to the word God. Look Joyce Myers, Dr. Cindy Trimm, Pastor Paula White, and Pastor Cheryl Brady that impact theology and leadership through the world. In the local churches you First Lady of the Church, the missionaries,



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