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The Structure of the Movie

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, the new mayor of Georgain Town is Varlam Aravidze’s son. The new mayor refused all the words from that woman, because he wanted to maintenance the glory and reputation of his family. Except of this, the son of new mayor shot and hurt that women. In this part, the plot of this movie changed by the new mayor’s son, because he felt guilty that he hurt that women.

In the end, his son suicided himself because of the guilty. And the main topic was appeared in this part, and the Repentance was shown by both the new mayor and his son. Because he felt so sad about his son’s death and he realized his father’s problems and he began to feel guilty and repentance. In light of this, he dug out Varlam Aravidze’s corpse, and threw it down from the mountain.

The structure of the movie, Repentance is very classical and typical and the scenes are beautiful and gorgeous. However, the plot is realistic, and reflect the conflicts between the mayor and his people in the real worlds. I love the classical Russian background music in this movie, they are not only beautiful but also lead me to imagine other beautiful views in this small town. The beginning of the movie, Repentance, the film maker narrates the story slowly to make the audience gradually follow up the shoreline. And in this part, the film maker is good at using the lens to record the scenes, so that it can help make the scenes looks more quiet, smooth and beautiful with naturalism style elements.

In conclusion, I think Repentance is a very good movie, and I like its beautiful scenes and meaningful plots.



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