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The Thing I Cannot Forget About

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Even now when I am sleeping and I hear some random noise, it always reminds me of parents fighting, and I go back to sleep after checking out everything is fine. When I was young if I hear some noise while sleeping my parents was always fighting, and my younger sister was crying. I had to take my sister out to make her not to see it, and not to hear it. I know how terrible domestic violence is. Sometimes I become frightened from nothing because I check out my parent's mood unintentionally every time. Because I know how this tragedy affects a Child's life, I want to raise my future children in a better condition than I had before. I don't want my children to get involved in domestic violence, and become mentally stressed out. Therefore, I pray every time that I want to meet a good wife in the future, and I pray that I won't argue too much with my future wife. I also pray that I will be wise enough to live my life without big trouble as well.

Domestic Violence is very harmful to children. Still I can't erase my terrible youth's memory until now, and I never want to go back or think about this again. One middle of the night when I was sleeping, I heard a noise that my parents were arguing. I wanted to believe that it was just a simple argument between my parents, however I knew most of their arguing would end up in terrible fighting. I wanted to make sure everything is okay. So I took my head out of the blanket to see around first. I was barely able to see light coming out from the closed door and randomly able to hear noise that something is dropping and breaking. Obviously, it was the middle of the night and all the light was supposed to be turned off and quiet, but unfortunately it was not. I could tell something is going wrong. I quietly opened my door a little and stepped outside of my room. The things I was able to see immediately were my 4years old younger sister who got awakened by the noise. She was sobbing right in front of my door, and all the dishes and chairs



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