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The Thing over the Constitutional Convention

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Essay Preview: The Thing over the Constitutional Convention

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George Washington was first amongst America’s chief executives in the minds of many presidential scholars, and Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Joseph Ellis. George Washington was also eulogized by Henry Lee as “first in war, first in peace and first in the hearts of his countrymen”. After leading the Continental Army to victory over the world’s most powerful empire, Washington faced another daunting to make ink on parchment into the actuality of the American presidency.The power of the modern presidency is defined by the Washington presidency.The Constitution of the United States on the executive branch and the power of the presidency, is vague.

The Thing over the Constitutional Convention is being afraid of monarchy. Washington makes visible what is indistinct in the Constitution. Washington gives it executive power.

He made the idea of a cabinet, which wasn’t in the Constitution, and he defines the role of the executive branch.Washington has the untold power of being first, it can’t be ignored.

Lincoln’s act of leadership is based completely upon the existence of a stable, long lasting republic that would not have come to be if the Founding Fathers, and Washington, hadn’t created it. Lincoln was only able to do the things he did because of the leader washington was.A lesser man would have been taken by power and became like a monarch, but Washington would never that. Washington didn’t want to be president, no other president didn’t want to be president like Washington. He knew entering the office and exiting would ruin his reputation.

After his first term he tried to quit, but was told the republic couldn’t continue without him.

Although all the pleas for him to remain in office, Washington quit after two terms. The big thing with Washington’s farewell address wasn’t the address but the farewell. People thought they couldn’t exist without him in the office.

He is the closest thing to an vital figure in American history. By leaving he sends a message that no person in the republic is vital. Everyone is disposable.Washington wasn’t resistant to America’s original sin. His wealth came from hundreds of slaves from Mount Vermon. Washington knews that if you start to start conversation about slavery it would have destroyed the republic. He believed the time to debate was in 1808 when the slave trade ended.

Washington, as the commander of the Continental Army, brought a reputation to the presidency that no one could ever compare. He’s the only president elected unanimously twice. Washington is the one founder who is a legend in his own time and after. He gets all the big things right. His judgement is flawless. Washington brings a level of support that is impossible for any following president to have.



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