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The Tone of Christopher Columbus' Letters

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Essay Preview: The Tone of Christopher Columbus' Letters

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The tone in the two letters by Christopher Columbus letters could be best described as before and after comparisons of Christopher and his lifestyle. The first letter, regarding the first voyage, held a paternal tone though out the letter. As Christopher goes writes his letter he recounts the five islands that he found and named in such an illustrative manner that anyone could picture the pride that Christopher felt in doing so. The second letter of this reading, that regards Christopher's fourth and final voyage, held a very sad and even slightly depressed tone. Through out this letter he talks about his political distresses. He is submissive to the king and queen in his letter, but continues to repeat his innocence for political issues that he never discloses of what they are. As he speaks to the King, he continually kisses up to him as the higher power that he is. "...And the unmerited wrong that I have suffered, will not permit me to remain silent...may the Holy Trinity preserve your life and high estate, and grand you increase of prosperity." Another thing that Christopher shows about himself in these letters is that although he is decently skilled at navigating the seas and even people, as well as giving praise where it is due, he immediately follows with his demands; "The restitution of my honor, the reparation of my losses, and the punishment of him who did this, will spread abroad the fame of your royal nobility. The same punishment is due to him who robbed me of the pearls, and to him who infringed my rights as admiral".



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