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The Walt Disney Company

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The Walt Disney Company, together with its subsidiaries, is a diversified worldwide entertainment company that is established in the global video and movie production industry. Disney operates through 40 different countries and is made up of more than 700 companies; these companies operate through five business segments: Media Networks, Parks and Resorts, Studio Entertainment, Consumer Products, and Interactive. While their numerous segments support Disney, the Media Networks segment produces the most revenue for the company. Although Disney Media Networks is a segment inside Disney, its outreach is vast and has many subdivisions within itself. One of the goals of the Disney Corporation is "to capture the imagination of millions... and become cherished memories" Through their many different Media Networks, Disney is able to achieve their goals. Disney Media Networks is comprised of smaller media companies such as ESPN, ABC Television Group, and Hyperion Books. Although there are many more companies included, even a sample size this small gives insight to the many different channels through which Disney produces, broadcasts, and distributes media. Beyond books and television Disney stands out as arguably the most internationally known movie producing companies. Recently Disney struck exclusive deals with Netflix for movie streaming. This move, bringing in $300 million of revenue, was beneficial for Disney because it helps them capitalize in a new and growing market. Netflix, however, was not capitalizing in a new market; they were merely trying to win back the 800,000 subscribers they lost when they raised prices on DVD streaming on July 12th, 2013. Although this may look like a great opportunity now, there is some certain risk partnering with a company like Netflix. Another problem facing Disney today is their attempt at gaining entry into the market of 3D television. Disney launched a 3D sports cable channel in 2010, however it never caught on. As a result, effective June 12, 2013, Disney had to call back their 3D sports channel. Although Disney says they will continue to experiment with new technology such as ultra-high-definition TV, this call back showed an inability to expand into a newer, younger, market. Walt Disney's CEO, Robert Iger, is reported to be retiring in March 2015. With this news, questions of who will replace him are on the forefront of shareholders and consumers minds. Robert Iger has made a dynamic impact on Walt Disney's empire; in the decade he has been CEO, The Walt Disney Company has nearly tripled their stock prices. (See volume chart below) More than in years past, it is important in a company to have extreme cohesion while switching CEO's. There has been a backlash from Apple consumers following the departure of Steve Jobs and his replacement Tim Cook. Disney would be wise to make such an influential decision move them forward through a new, equally strong, replacement for Iger. While there



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