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The World I Come From

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The world I come from

To be able to build my world has taken me trough a lot of obstacles in my life that were hard do overcome. My mom was born in Michoacan and she only got an education up to high school, she went threw a lot of violence with her father, she kept her head up and move on with her life as a strong women. My dad was born in Tijuana and he lived with his mom and 3 brothers after the death of his father when my dad was almost one year old. My dad got a lot of support from his mom and finished a university and work really hard to get there. My dad started his own business with a small office were he got help from a friend so he can open it up. By this time my dad struggled a lot because he didn't have money to buy food for my mom and brother.

The environment I grew up on started as dark moments at this time it was only four of us in the family; I had to be able to grow up with family problems were I will hear my parents screaming, and there was a time were my dad was not living with us, although I was very small to see all those problems it made me see life from another perspective. My family was getting apart; this made me have a lot of trouble to focus in school such as in homework's and to be able to move on. My mom was not able to take me to a doctor to forget or be able to handle these problems at a small age do to the reason we did have any money. After all my dad's business grew so therefore we decided to move here to the United States, were we started a new life with all my family, which know were six of us. The environment that we started here made us be more together, we were all know really connected to each other specially with my dad.

We moved here with out knowing any English I had so much trouble understanding school, I started bilingual classes at school when I was in 6th grade that's when I was practicing more my English. I knew that I had to put a lot more effort in my language therefore it will be less trouble for me later on in school. My family always tried the hardest to help me understand but it was really hard for then too. I started high school and I was able to challenge myself and choose only English language classes in high school.

This environment I am growing on has made me build my dreams step by step. After going threw a hard childhood I was able to open doors for myself by seeing my mom be a strong women. My family has supported me on all my decisions; I have been supported such as in school and other after school activities. With all this support I have obtained from my family I was able to loose the scariness of the challenges of life. Know that I am about to finish high school I was able to experience sports at school, been part of clubs, I chose to challenge myself to take AP classes were know I am really proud of myself because English was not my first language and the most important I am going to be able to



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