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The online Map

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1.The online marketplace map is divided as the following, First we have customer segments that is classified by status segmentation such as student, employed, self-employed, career break, unemployed and retired and geographically: UK, north America, Europe, Australia and new Zealand and the rest of the world. Customers do not have to be web savvy because they access the main category page which contains the referring sites in order to be informed about the TEFL. Second, we have the search intermediaries which are defined by search engines, I to I rely on pay per click procedure mainly in Google ad words. Also, the service can be accessed by a specialized director third part is about intermediaries and media sites that includes social networks such as Facebook, twitter and an own traveller community. In addition to that, natural search and affiliate marketing are part of the intermediaries. Finally, destination sites are as following: the company main site which is: This is the list of the websites of to the different competitors: ,,

2. The first factor of comparison is the price index and its role in measuring the commercial effectiveness of the company. The high cost of the pay per click in the US contradicts with the fact that the natural search favors the US. So they have to use the natural search in this particular country. Because of the increasing growth in the market in the rest of the world, I-TO-I should benefit from this and penetrate these markets in an effective way so that their main markets would not be affected. Finally, I-TO-I should highlight the TEFL courses in order to spread awareness among the travellers.



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