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Thesis Case

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How do you cope with difficult situations? How do you react to things like rows with

your partner or between parents and children? People who find themselves in difficult situations

react in different ways, but they are rarely logical and sensible, the emotional side takes over,

this applies to all ages and both sides in an argument. Ideally youth has understanding of new

ideas and adaptability and age brings maturity and experience, in the real world, however, we are

all people and all imperfect. Let's consider these emotional responses. They often seem random

but, it usually fall into one of three groups. Firstly there is the fault finder, blamer. In full flow,

the blamer will be in the centre of the room, pointing a finger at the object of their wrath, and

shouting. Blamers are typically visual people, they can see all the faults, things are black and

white and they are focused on their view of the world. Think back to the last occasion there was

a row, did you use the words "It's your fault that..." "It's because of you that..." "Just look at

yourself..."or "You are to blame for.

Secondly there is the pleaser the placate, usually a person who is all feelings. Think of

them, kneeling at your feet, hands held together in supplication, admitting fault, begging

forgiveness, taking blame; none of which helps to address whatever was the problem. This is

about getting all the rough nastiness to go away and returning to a smooth and peaceful life, they

can't stand disturbance and will do almost anything to make it go away. They may not have

happy lives, but pleasers and blamers often establish a working relationship, being a third party

to it is not always easy.Many people have experienced a personality clash in their lifetime that

has caused internal stress. When meeting a potential in-law and there is an instantaneous dislike,

it's generally experienced by



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