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Thing Case

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Dr. Lombard is a queer old Englishman, a mystic or a madman and he was one of student in the Italian Renaissance. He has lived for years in Italy. He has friend the name of Prof. Clyde, when he was work they have a friendship in Siena three years ago. Prof. Clyde asked his friend, Wyant, to go to the house of Dr. Lombard. Wyant had to go to his house to see a picture and noted some details so he could tell Prof. Clyde about the picture. He would use it in his monograph on Windsor drawing.

Wyant had been five days in Siena without having found time to call Dr. Lombard. He sat at the table Hotel and read the letter from Prof. Clyde but he did not know the address of Dr. Lombard. He put the letter in his pocket and turned to leave the room. Suddenly, young man called him and gave the letter that was fallen from his pocket. The young man asked him the number of his house. And the young man gave the number of Dr. Lombard to Wyant. The number of Dr. Lombard was thirteen and that well known in Siena. It was called the House of the Dead Hand.



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