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Things to Know About Applying for Jobs in Germany

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Essay Preview: Things to Know About Applying for Jobs in Germany

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In order to obtain a work permit in Germany and you are not a European citizen would depend on what kind of resident permit you have in order to receive a work permit. Employment is classified as non-qualified, qualified, highly qualified, and self employment (Vetseva, 2011). When you decide to apply for full-time employment in Germany employers are expecting to receive a thick package of documents that include your whole educational and professional career and is based on your CV (in the United States it is called a resume) which is known as lebenslauf (Vetseva, 2011).


The lebenslauf should include a list of all the past and present reponsibilites and positions that you have held, in reverse chronological order, any degrees, and outside activates, as well as your final grades. The German employers also want you to include your sex, date of birth, marital status, number of children, and a recent photograph of yourself (Vetseva, 2011). Along with the CV it is required to have written recommendations from all of your previous employers and photo copies of any awards and degrees. In Germany they want to know everything about the applicant.

The major difference between a CV and a resume is briefness. When applying for employment in the U.S, recruiters will actually scan over your CV for less than 30 seconds (CV to Resume, 2011). In the U.S recruiters do not like long job descriptions and personal profiles. If it consists of ten pages it will need to be rewritten in a shorter form. In the U.S priority or saying is time is money and recruiters do not have time to spend 12 minutes reading your life history. Basically the resume should be a teaser, the hook to pass on the essential information. It is not necessary to go into long descriptions of how you saved your last employer from bankruptcy (CV to Resume, 2011). Just simply say "implemented a in order to accomplish b. It is also considered discrimination in the U.S if recruiters ask your marital status, the number of children you have, sex, and race during the application and interview process.

Cover Letter

In Germany generally speaking a cover letter should be concise and to the point and really no longer than one page. To be the most effective, the cover letter should follow the basic format of a normal business letter and should include three general topics: first paragraph- why are you writing, second paragraph- what you have to offer, and the closing paragraph- how you will follow-up. You must be sure not to repeat what is in your CV, just use it as a reference tool. If there is some kind of experience listed on your CV and you feel it is important for the recruiter to know just simply emphasize the relevant points in your cover letter.

First Paragraph- It is often that you may have been referred to a future employer by a friend. You must make sure to mention the mutual contact by name as early on as possible as it is likely to persuade the recruiter to keep reading. When writing in reply to a job announcement, indicate where you learned about the position and the exact job title you are applying for. The most important fact is, to remember to express your enthusiasm for the job and likely match between your credentials and the positions mandatory requirements (Write your German Cover Letter, 2011).

Second paragraph- Make sure to refer especially to the qualifications the company has listed and illustrate how you're certain abilities and experiences relate to the position for which you are applying for. State your potential to fulfill the employer's needs instead of focusing on what the employer can offer you (Write your German Cover Letter, 2011). This can be done by showing evidence that you have researched the company thoroughly and that you possess skills that are used within that company. Express your accomplishments and problem solving skills. Be sure to mention how your education and work skills are transferable, and relevant, to the position for which you are applying.

Closing paragraph- Propose directly for the interview or an informational interview and express that you will follow-up with a telephone call to set up an appointment. Make sure to make the phone call within the time frame you indicated. If applying from outside the employer's country you should indicate if you will be in that town during a particular time frame (this makes it easier for the employer to actually agree to see



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