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Thoughts on Human Realtions

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Essay Preview: Thoughts on Human Realtions

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Throughout the class I gained the knowledge of various concept that will be an asset both in my professional and personal life. In reviewing the Kolb's Model, I realize that this course has great deal of vital information that I needed to implement in my life to be a more rounded person.

Communication is vital in daily life and there are various situation that can occur with styles of communication. During the class I was able to ascertain different techniques in handling situation that could be confrontational. Using the communication techniques I am able to identify non verbal communicating expressions that could be confrontational and avoid them. I am drawn to the win-win strategy concept which both parties involve feels like they have achieve the goal in settling the conflict (Lamberton & Minor, 2010, p. 350) I gravitate to the success of a being a better listener. I try to be a better listener and encourage the speaker to talk more. I try not to interrupt , so that the speaker and fully finish their train of thought. These skills, I will continue to use these on a regular basis as I focus on my personal and professional life.

Using the human resource concept I am now able to identify them, isolate and is now equipped with the knowledge of how to handle issues along that line should any arise. I have seen boss use extremely aggressive tone with their internal customers and it has always been a very awkward situation in addressing the those issues. However , through this class, and during my research I am now more able to assess and handle the situation. In retrospect, I am can now poise to identify my strength, instead of focusing on my failures and weaknesses, where I can foster happiness and hope; a term psychologist called "positive psychology"(Lamberton & Minor, 2010, p.537). According to -------------positive affect broadens momentary thought-action repertoires whereas negative affect narrows those same repertoires,

Using my new found knowledge of positive psychology I will channel new positive thought in my daily activities.

Fredrickson, B. L., & Losada, M. F. (2005). Positive affect and the complex dynamics of human flourishing. American Psychologist, 60(7), 678-686. doi:10.1037/0003-066X.60.7.678

Lamberton, L. H., & Minor, L. (2010). Human Relations: Strategies for Success. New York: McGraw-Hill.



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