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Time Management

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I think to achieve a good future you have to know what your priorities are, and what you are looking forward to achieving in short and long term. The first thing you have to do is sit down and think about what are the most important things in your life and how do you plan to achieve those goals and what necessary steps are you willing to take. I think if you can figure all that out you have probably done 60% of the work in developing Time Management skills.

Once you can recognize your highest priorities then setting up goals and achieving them can become much easier. It is also very important for you to surround yourself with people who are supporting and do push you once in a while for you to stay on track and do whatever is necessary for you to successful in achieving your goals. I personally have my parents and my friends who are a huge support group for me because my sisters are always able to help me with any Academic goals I need help with, since they are both college graduated they help me in different subjects and issues that I am not that familiar with. And my friends who are attending school and are a few subjects ahead of me are also able to help me with various different problems. At work I have

myself and other people of my team who help us achieve our daily goals and we all try to be constantly efficient. For school I do most of my homework on my Laptop which I recently purchased for just school work. For back-up I save a second copy of every assignment I have done on my External portable hard drive which I am able to carry anywhere incase needed. And incase my laptop has any technical issues I also have a home desktop that I can always use with a copy of Microsoft Office in-case I need too complete any assignments due for the following weeks. I try to the best of my abilities to stay on top of all my assignments by reviewing the Assignment link available online every day at work while having Lunch. This gives me a reminder on what things I need to turn in before the end of the week. I also have a hard copy of the syllabus available at work which I can gauge at whenever necessary. And since I use Microsoft Outlook on constant bases because of the nature of my work I have set up consistent alarms and reminders in my calendar that daily remind me of the due assignments for that week. I try to be as much proficient with my daily planning as possible, and I hope to be successful in attaining all academic and career goals.



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