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Toviaz - to Thinking Wrapping Paper Not Toilet Paper

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Essay Preview: Toviaz - to Thinking Wrapping Paper Not Toilet Paper

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Toviaz- " To thinking wrapping paper not toilet paper"

Toviaz (fesoterodine fumarate) is a muscarinic antagonist used for the treatment of overactive bladder with symptoms of urge urinary incontinence, urgency, and frequency.

I started with the magazine ad I found in the Oprah magazine. First thing that struck me was the magazine and the demographics of readers that they were reaching out to. The ad appears very plain and simple. Just simple font style with basic indications and uses plus other helpful hints about diet and lifestyle changes to help your over active bladder. The ad lead me to the drugs website

The website was more of what I was expecting from drug ads. They have pictures of mainly females enjoying life again with catchy slogans such as " stopping at gas stations for gas." And "Being in the moment not the bathroom." The information for patients is extensive. There are multiple videos educating the patient as to how the drug works, how to take the drug, adverse reactions and life style tips in regards to diet and bladder training and documenting symptoms for follow up with your provider. The language and vocabulary used was very basic and the educational shorts were kept within a minute or so of duration. The information was kept basic so that the layperson would understand. For a patient just beginning treatment, I found this website extremely informative and easy to use and understand, more so than the PDR (The Physicians Drug Reference).

The PDR is made for the medical professional. It goes into great detail in regards to which class it belongs to, the pharmokinetics, contraindications, recommended dosages, and adverse effects. It is financially supported in part by pharmaceutical manufacturing corporations, which create drugs listed within its pages.

The PDR is tailored for the medical professional that would be prescribing, dispensing, or distributing the medication. It is a consolidated concise monograph of pertinent clinical information that a medical professional would need to know about that drug. The common layperson would not be able to comprehend all of the information as most of it is in medical terminology and speaks specifically of the anatomical and physiological effects this drug has.

The manufacturer is Pfizer- the worlds largest drug research company. The information on Toviaz is very similar with the PDR. It is a concise monograph in addition to some of the research studies statistical findings. There is a chart indicating the percentage of occurrence for each adverse reaction in the clinical trials. This would be helpful in determining if the potential benefit of the drug outweighs the potential risk to the patient. There is a link to It is designed to provide health care professionals with access to Pfizer product information, patient education



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