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Toyota's Vision and Mission

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Essay Preview: Toyota's Vision and Mission

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Toyota’s vision and mission are to transform into a mobility company that deliver better products and services to more customers. Recognizing the roots of making cars, Toyota remains their mission of providing cars that are safe, reliable, and emotionally appealing. They want to continue doing their very best to deliver better cars at better prices for more customers.  Yet, their vision is not only limited to cars, but to all kinds of transportation services. In recent annual speech, Akio Toyoda, the President of Toyota Motor Corporation, shares the goal of the company is to provide mobility for all, “bringing the joy and freedom of movement to all people.” Toyota’s vision and mission are very clear. They want to expand their business into a “next generation automotive company”, while strengthening their exist advantage of making cars and building customer relationships.

Toyota’s vision and mission affect the company behavior on variety of ways. With the intention to solving major social and global issues, Toyota established strategy for a “Smart Mobility Society”, focusing on building connected technologies to support mobility. The company aims to create a future society, with no traffic congestion and not hurting the environment, with technologies such as electrification, automated driving, and connectivity. In April 2016, Toyota introduced a Connected Strategy, which delivers their promise of using connected technologies to ensure safety, eco friendly and comfort to consumers. The strategy introduces features such as data communication modules (DCMs) in vehicles, AI virtual agent, and eCare, all of which are voice recognition and constantly updated to enhance best experience.

Furthermore, Toyota has partnered with other service companies to collaborate on different mobility services, other than cars. They have initiated collaboration through the Mobility Service Platform (MSPF) with other companies such as Uber Technologies, Grab Holding Inc., and JapanTaxi Co., etc. These collaborations aim to utilize data generated by different types of vehicles into connected services, which in turns promote a ridesharing platform and autonomous driving technology.





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