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Tremendously Prevailing Faith - Facing the Giants

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Essay Preview: Tremendously Prevailing Faith - Facing the Giants

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Tremendously Prevailing Faith

A critique essay on Facing the Giants

High School Football. Who does not love it? In the case of this movie, Facing the Giants, the attraction of football is mixed in with strong testimonies of faith, love, hope, and the power of unity. The main character in Facing the Giants is a football coach in Georgia. He is faced with problems, ranging from the probability of losing his job, to his inability to conceive the children his wife longs for, to the spiritual dryness of his football team and the entire body of Shiloh Christian Academy. All of the problems he faces are solved in a miraculous ending showing the mercy and love of our Almighty God. This movie, Facing the Giants, is packed with authenticity, identifiable characters, and entices numerous different ages.

I think that authenticity is an important quality in motion pictures. Facing the Giants has plenty of this significant value. Its actors and actresses are valid in the reason that most of them are actually involved in what their characters do. For example, Brooke Taylor, the wife of the main character Grant Taylor, is played by Shannen Fields who is the actual cheerleader coach and is married to the real head football coach at Sherwood Christian Academy. All of the football players on the Eagles team have either played or are playing football now. Another way Facing the Giants is authentic is in its jokes and dialogue. Like when JT, an assistant coach to Grant Taylor played by Chris Willis, jokes about hair plug and how Grant's doctor appointment is to go get hair plug because he is going bald. The jokes and slang used in this movie are replicas of what we talk like every day. Yes, for people who had never heard southern speech, especially international viewers, it would be hard to understand, but I believe that is part of what makes this movie so uniquely wonderful.

In Facing the...



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