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Two Neighborhood

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Two Neighborhoods

I have experienced both different neighborhoods and different countries. There are differences between two countries. There is one neighborhood in the Philippines and, the other one is here in the United States. In each neighborhood, in both countries, there are houses around our house. Both my neighborhood has many similarities but at the same time have many differences.

These two neighborhoods have many similarities. Both neighborhoods have the same characteristics inside and outside of their houses; they both have the same bedrooms, kitchen, living room, bath, dining room, car port and backyard. They also have a beautiful flowers planted in the front yard and also in the back yard. Everyone gathers around when we have party. It is so interesting that even in different countries you can see the similarity of your neighbors.

These two neighborhoods have many differences. In the Philippines the weather is always hot and the weather here is so cold. But back in the Philippines, there is no such thing as winter there. The weather here in the United States is always cold and it also rain and snow, not like in the Philippines. The people here in the United States are always busy working to pay all the bills. In the Philippines, people there do not have any job and no bills to worry about. They just need to plant vegetables so, they can eat it, but they need to harvest everyday in order to survive, not like here in the United States. Anything you want, you need to buy it. Also, the waste disposal and the garbage need to be paid for. Almost everything here is about money, w e pay everything for here. In the Philippines, we do not have any bills to pay because almost everything there is free. As long as you plant vegetables and fruits, we can survive every day, and also, that is the source of our income to buy anything we want.

Furthermore, the two neighborhoods have benefits, if we want a simple life and no more dreams we might want to consider living in the Philippines. But if we wanted a better life and pursue our career, we want to consider living in the United States. In the Philippines, even if we graduated college we do not have that many jobs. Not like here in the United States, if we graduated college we have so many choices where we can work. You do not need to go different country to work and to use your profession there; in the Philippines, all of the graduated students like nurses, engineer, optometry, physical therapy and many more wanted to go other country to work because they can find no jobs in the Philippines.

Equally, the two neighborhoods are all the same. It's just up to the person who lives there. Every person has a different goal in life; each of us wants to live a normal life, without any responsibilities you are thinking. But other than that, we don't have any dreams in life to think about. We do not succeed if we only stay in one



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