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My Neighborhood - Personal Essay

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Christopher Legarda

Professor. But



My Neighborhood

Where I live, you can call it, struggling neighborhood. Beside the overcrowded urban area, it gets even more overcrowded when people come over here to shop and eat. People don't realize that this neighborhood is in bad shape with gangs, drug dealers, thieves, and homeless. I will go over facts and opinions about what I seen in the neighborhood.

My family moved into this apartment for six years. Once I use to work in retail around my neighborhood. There is one neighborhood that are generally friendly and always ready to help us, but the rest are unpleasant. Some scatter their garbage where it is not supposed to be. A family that lives in the first floor are always cooking, but doesn't smell that great most of the time. One person that lives in the second floor, always jamming the front door entrance, just because he doesn't have the keys. Also a young man living in our building, that is most time drinking with his friends, in front of the building. Sometimes they get so dunk that they get into a fight. I really hope all of my neighbors just live in peace.

What I hate about my neighborhood is that there are gangs, drug dealers, and petty thieves. One time I was sleeping, and the sound of a young man screaming for help, woke me up. I looked out of my first floor window, and saw a group of people attacking one person on the ground. That scared me. I just went right back to sleep. Sometimes I come back home late, and there will be that same person asking me if I would like to buy some weed. This happens every time I pass by him. There's one moment that I will never forget is when my mother's car was stolen. Later on the police found the car with the back seats remove. Everyday was a struggle just to maintain living status.

My neighborhood is surrounded by old fashion buildings, probably from the 1950's. Is really active during the evenings. You can find housing, stores, businesses, public or private facilities, restaurant, and public transit supports everyday life. It encourages a lot of human contact and social activities. There's a lot of street connectivity in my neighborhood; is easy to get from one place to another by foot, or bike, but for cars, it makes it difficult, because of the



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