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Unique People, Unique Gifts

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"Unique People, Unique Gifts"

The world today is made up of numerous, very different people with all kinds of unique characteristics that make them who they are. Unfortunately, with this comes discrimination, people making fun of someone, and being left out, which can all be very hurtful to someone. These three things have become more and more usual to our society than they used to be, and sometimes it seems as if it is just a normal thing that happens. Yet, what is not understood is that all people, across the world, have unique qualities about them, although some are more obvious. The movie X-Men is a prime example, it is made up of characters that are out of the ordinary and are left out of the crowd because of their unordinary gifts. X-Men was produced in the year 2000 and has become one of the most popular comic book series, because of the relations the characters can show to regular humans. In this movie there are deeper meanings than mutants just killing each other and using their crazy powers to seize the day. It shows the comparison of many different issues with how people feel in this world to the way these mutants all feel because of how they are perceived. Wolverine, Magneto, and Rogue all have tremendous powers and gifts that keep them from being normal, yet they still deal with it even though others do not accept it.

Logan, who is the most involved character in this movie, is a man who cannot remember his past after a certain point in his life when something extraordinary happened to him. Logan, who became the wolverine, has a skeleton completely made of metal along with having vicious blades that will shoot out of his knuckles when needed. He is a very masculine, courageous and strong man that seems not be afraid of much at all. Along with his claws and strength he has another gift of healing. He seems to heal almost instantly, for example he was attacked by Sabertooth and woke up in Westchester being attended to by their medical staff and immediately says, "I do not need medical attention" (X-Men). However, the wolverine cannot remember how this happened or anything that took place in his life before he became who he is now. Throughout his life he was always looked at differently and people made fun of him numerous times. In other words, Logan is not sure who he truly is or what the purpose of the events that have happened to him, which almost every single teenager feels at some point in their childhood. Teenagers are the most common for feeling this, although people of all ages can feel this, and it can really make them feel not wanted and very alone. During the stage of teen hood, kids begin to feel out of place and strange because of the things that are happening amongst them, which is the same way Logan and the rest of the mutants feel about their gifts and powers.

Everyone always has difficult times and issues that make them who they are by managing and getting through them, although some of these events can create an evil spirit within



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