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Williams Unique Struggles

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Williams Unique Struggles

William has struggled through most of his life and has had barriers that have made him stronger, more determined, and able to fight through it all to be able to get an education. His education was not only important to him but was the most important goal in his life. Although William had struggles he also had support from his family, community, and the many people that discovered his amazing knowledge.

Today there are millions of people that have struggled through their lives to be able to get an education and have had barriers that stop them in the tracks. Today the most common barrier in the United States is money. Money is a big concern to being able to get an education because a lot of people have low income which makes them struggle to be able to give their kid a good education. Just as Williams parents did in the book. Being without money usually means no college education because college is expensive. Even if the child is smart they usually won't try to attend college because they have no hope when they have no money. These kids today need to strive for their education and show how smart they are to the college. Such as William did as he built the wind mill and learned about electricity improving his education. Although he had no hope for an education he still tried as hard as he could to be able to learn as much as he could about what he love which was electricity.

Another big barrier for kids' education today is national disasters. There have been many national disasters in the United States such as hurricane Katrina. This makes it hard for kids to be able to obtain an education because their schools, home, and sometimes even families are destroyed. This then makes the kids homeless. They are then focused more on rebuilding their lives and helping their family out to regain everything they once had. This is most likely one the hardest struggles for kids today because they have nothing and have to rebuild everything they once had. They don't even get the chance to have an education. They are more focused on getting a job to help the family pay for a new house or even bills.

The economy today is also a factor in obtaining ones education. Due to the unstable economy today and the high prices of gas, food, and even college tuition parents are not able to help out kids with their education. The parents then cannot help pay for college because they are have to pay for food, gas, and bills. This comes out of the parents' income. Also the unstable economy makes colleges not be able to give out more money for the low or middle class families. This affects kids because then colleges are not able to offer as much money in grants and or financial aid. This makes the struggle ten times harder for kids because then they have to pull money out of their pockets to pay for college. Which yes the kids can get a job but still that is normally



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