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Us Citizenship Coming to America

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Essay Preview: Us Citizenship Coming to America

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U.S Citizenship coming to America

To discriminate on a certain group of immigrants is not fair; however I do feel that there are certain situations that the government needs to be selective concerning citizenship. I know that may sound a little on the contradictory side. I feel this is a free country that everyone should get to share that feeling. I do not think that it should be about wealth, talent or anything else. There are times that families are established here and the rest of the family wants to come and join them, if that were to be the situation they should be able to be looked at first. I also feel if the family has lived here they are hardworking citizens they haven't caused any type of commotion living in the United States then they should be given that first priority. However if they are just wanting to come over here to get a free ride to take up space, no I feel that they should be made to work and give back to society as everyone else in America is required to do. This isn't about being prejudice, to me it is about the fact that I get up and go to work every day, I do not get tax breaks and other things of that nature. I understand when we are little and growing up that we don't have to pay taxes and things of that nature, but I also see people come over here buying up hotels as well as stores because they don't have to pay taxes for so many years and rake in the money while everyone else is working hard to make ends meet. I do not feel that applicants from other countries should be given priority over anyone else; everyone should be given the same opportunity.



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