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What Really Defines Citizenship in America?

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Essay Preview: What Really Defines Citizenship in America?

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What really defines citizenship in America? Does the color of one's skin affect them from maintaining citizenship in America? What about where they come from geographically whether they are from the Middle East or Mexico, China or Japan. What about one's religion? What if they worshipped Allah or Buddha, would they still be accepted as a citizen amongst the "real" Americans even though they have already worked so hard achieve citizenship?

From the time of September 11, 2001, one of the largest tragedies in American history, I would hear people discriminate against those engage in Islamic practices and came from the Middle East and looked like terrorist. I would hear many people state that they will never be true citizens of this land; the land that we so called "rightfully" gained. But what does it mean to be a true citizen of America. I would sit back and listen to some of the ignorant responses such as; "um you have to be born here, speak English and be white" which was the typical response I was expecting to hear.

One of my best friends who is African American tells me all that time that he is full blooded American but when I ask what makes him only American and why not African American he always gives me the same answer every time; " ain't no African blood in me, I am a full blown American that belongs here". That's the word I was looking for in every response. What does it mean to truly belong in America? By forgetting the fact that you're African American does that means that this society will make you a true citizen of America? How can



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