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Walt Disney Company - Wendy's Marketing

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Essay Preview: Walt Disney Company - Wendy's Marketing

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Over the last decade Wendy's marketing department has danced from platform to platform, harping on unique business hours and different combo options, though nothing seems to have caught on. While their prices are conducive for the average American family they have failed to create a great family environment.

The Walt Disney Company's objective is to be one of the world's leading producers and providers of entertainment and information, using its portfolio of brands to differentiate its content, services and consumer products. The company's primary financial goals are to maximize earnings and cash flow. Dabbling in the fast-food industry is something that sounds quite feasible for Disney based on this list of prerequisites. It is with all of the above information in mind that I propose an alliance between Wendy's and Disney.

Wendy's serves an average of ten million people a day through their eight thousand locations. At first glance that sounds exorbitant, however in comparison to their competition that number is quite weak. They are famous for their square burger and above all else, Wendy's marketing department concentrates on selling as much of them as possible. Since the passing of their founder Dave Thomas, the company has not garnered the same success that they did while he was at the helm. He had a vision and with that vision he created and maintained the brand that we have come to know. Thomas was a man known for being concise with his words, never wasting a breath; the same can be said for his use of marketing strategies over the years. When he wanted to get a certain message across, he created a strategy, implemented it and more times than not reaped the fruits of his labor. Management didn't constantly struggle over different strategies, nor did they advertise multiple platforms at once, during that era Wendy's marketing department was extremely efficient. In order to recreate that level of efficiency without the talent of Dave Thomas on board, they need to concentrate on locating and appealing to one specific market. By doing so, the marketing department will effectively be minimizing their expenditures. They would not need to labor over strategies neither would there be a need for usage of multiple platforms at the same time. This single sample of the population that they should be targeting is the children of America. Once Wendy's creates a kid friendly environment, suddenly their entire company takes on a different image. For much of this country's middle class, Wendy's can catapult into the place to eat dinner with the family on a Sunday night. Anything synonymous with the Disney name becomes a haven for kids point blank. Attractive pricing is already in place, the quality is all there, now if we give the kids reason to want it, what's to stop parents all across the country from going?

This alliance for all intents and purposes would improve



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