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Welch's Wine - New Interviewing Approaches & Higher Sales

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Essay Preview: Welch's Wine - New Interviewing Approaches & Higher Sales

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Welch's Wine

New Interviewing Approaches & Higher Sales

Executive Summary

In order to increase Welch's Wine sales, our sales team has come to the conclusion that our company needs to improve its hiring approach and interview questions. Our team developed some creative alternatives to use when seeking future employees. We suggest that Welch's Wine begins to use the new approaches our sales team has came up with in the proposal.

Our research shows that simply changing interview approaches and hiring new employees to the company is a profitable decision for a few reasons. For example, this past year our sales have been significantly lower even after higher a new staff. Usually when a company hires a new team its sales increase. In our case, we must admit that we haven't been hiring the appropriate people for this type of industry. If our company was to hire a skilled team in Marketing, Advertising, Sales, and International Business our revenue sales will flourish.

When seeking new applicants for certain job positions we recommend the following:

1. The interviewer should know exactly what he or she is looking for in an applicant.

- Know what you want in a candidate before you begin the interview. Review the job specifications and requirements that have been prepared.

- Prepare a list of standard questions concerning the candidate's skills, abilities and past work performance that you want him/her to answer.

- Prepare a list of prioritized and measurable criteria, either in the form of a worksheet or other method, for analyzing and comparing the candidates.

- Review the candidate's résumé prior to the interview.

2. Evaluate applicants past job experience and success while working for a past company. Giving them a "Behavioral Interviews" will give you the opportunity to ask applicants to describe past behaviors which can help determine if the applicant is qualified or not. Certain questions may ask the applicant to describe a situation in which you...

- Used writing to achieve your goal?

- Had to make a decision quickly?

- Took on a project from start to finish?

- Used good judgment and logic in solving problems?

- Worked under a tight deadline?


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