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What Is Classical Music ?

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What is classical music?

Classical music is a type of genre of music e.g. pop music. It was created in 1750 and it lasted till 1820. We still use classical music now but it is very rare now a day's not like how it used to be in the olden times and it isn't much of a favourite to the audience. They would prefer hearing rock, punk or pop music. One of the famous classical music composer was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The classical music period is known for its simple, clear music, balanced themes, and defined harmony. In addition to that the word classical came from the Latin term classicus, which means taxpayers of the highest class. The instruments that were used to perfume classical music were the trumpet, the flute, a viola, a cello a violin, an oboe, a clarinet, a bassoon, a French horn, a trombone and tuba were the common instruments played by the orchestra back then. By the late periods of the classical music composer's started adding piano in their pieces of music.

What is Patronage?

The word patronage refers to the support that kings or popes have provided to musicians, painters, and sculptors. Back in the olden days the most popular musician's had patrons who traded them food or a place to stay if they performed their music to them. This was only for the high class people and the low class people weren't allowed to listen to such good music that the rich people listened to because of the fact that they were poor. Mozart had patrons, but because he played his music to the poor his patrons started to hate him and his music.



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