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What Makes Man Truly Human

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What makes man truly human? is his capacity of understanding himself as a free and responsible being.Through responsibility,man is able to understand that he lives with more concern towards others who are also free.And to be free is to consider that each individual is the author of himself through the choice he makes.It is manifested in the ability of man to control and determine his own plan in the future. It has always been saidd that No man is an Island. which means that we all depend on one another and in a away all our actions affect others. Human being is endowed with the capacity to make choice and decision.Hence, each person is in a dynamic process to exercise both freedom and responsibility to become who he or she wants to be.Insights that man becomes human when he properly develops his inner responsibilities. This means that with man's natural capabilities,he is invited to responsibly use his gifts so he may attain fulfillment. It takes time and effort for a human being to grow to a point where his own nature has reached full realization. This means that man has to mature and develop physically and psycho-socially.We can infer that the realities of being man and becoming human are fundamental and indispensable interfacing dimensions in understanding the human nature and the human existence.This makes the study on the processes involved in achieving the fullness of life even more crucial. The process of becoming human may be hard, uncomfortable and painful. However,we need to grow both in our consciousness and in our daily lies.Not growing is never an option. We cannot simply live in the language of mediocrity. The aim of our existence should always be higher- a life that strives to exemplify the development of our gifts, potentials and capacities as human beings.



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