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The Reasons Why I Return Back to School

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Essay Preview: The Reasons Why I Return Back to School

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The Reasons Why I Return Back To School

Austin Reed

ENG 121

Elizabeth Brown


The reason I decided to go back to school is to better myself and to support my family better, and to get a better job, and the importance of getting a degree to show my kids that by not give up on your dreams it is never too late.

I dropped out of school in the twelfths grade with only a few months to go and then I got a good job doing pipeline surveying for the government; I did this for five years. I traveled from state to state it paid well around three thousand dollars a week that was a good job for a single person. However, I decided that I want a family so I got a job in the auto industrial making new car parts like the dash and seats. I love my job and I started a family, I have five kids two of them are mine which are twins I got a boy and a girl out of this how could anybody get that luckier to get one of each. The economy started to go downhill, the company sold out to another company called Van Rob, and they started to get rid of some of the employees.

That is when I decided to go back to school and get my G.E.D. It took a year to get it, but I was happy about it. After that, I went to work at another company called Yusa. Another factory built different kinds of mounts for cars and only starts out at minima wages. You start out as a temporary worker it is hard to get full time there. It was too far for me to drive it every day, it was one hundred miles round trip. I only could keep the job for a year and had to give it up, because of the cost of repairs and the bills where too much. I do not like the fax that I am live on the government and not be able to do it on my own. That is why I decide to go to college to get a degree in business leadership to help me get a better job so my kids do not have to do without, and to be able to go on field trips at school when they come up. It also show to my kid as they get older the important of have a high school diploma and to go to college to get a good job now day you have to have a degree to get somewhere in life.

This story was to show that it is not too late to get a high school diploma. In addition, go to college; too be able to get a degree to have a better life for ourselves and for the family. This shows our kids it is important to finish school and to go after their goals in life.



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