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When Veterans Return Home

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When Veterans return home

When Veterans return home after spending months stationed in a combat zone, the emotional homecomings can often bring a tear to your eye. However, getting acclimated to everyday civilian life can be challenging, or more often than not, downright unmanageable for some of our service heroes. So where can a Veteran turn to receive help from someone who "gets them" and someone they can trust? Networks is a real safety zone where connecting veterans of all branches with each other. It is a space where they can get the "REAL LOW DOWN" on assistance they need and the resources that are available for them. Every Vets dog tag are a regular reminder of the lost time and commitment that they have given to this country, and the battles, may they be physical or mental, they endured while service and continue to face once they come home. At VET WORKS, they will share stories; available resources encourage and celebrate with vets just like themselves. Here Vets will acquire not only new and old friends but form a family, because the Veterans are working, relax and persevering at Vet Works, have already walked a mile in their shoes. When they share, laugh or at times break down, they have other Vets, another brother, and another veteran to help build them back up and help out.  Because similar to their experience on the battlefield, they will " Leave no one behind." Being a part of Vet Works, which will be a statewide connection of veterans extending support to each other and joining other veterans from each military branch to resources they urgently need. The true magic occurs when a soldier has that one-on-one veteran interaction. This is where they finally feel like they have finally found somebody that gets where they’re coming from and cares. May it be over a game of pool, across a dining room table, or sitting in a TV room shooting the breeze? Vet works is a space where they can feel relaxed, safe and be themselves.  While spending time at Vet works Vets will learn to love life, get a job, a home or simply learn how to feel good about them. And more important, they feel great giving back by serving each other.  At Vet works, Vets will strive to make sure other Vets don't have to experience the hardships alone as they did once they returned from service.



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