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Where Have Art and Music Gone?

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Essay Preview: Where Have Art and Music Gone?

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Where have art and music gone?

Imagine Lennon, at four years old, was never taught to play that piano. Imagine Dali, at five years old, was never handed that quill. What a loss. Numberless names, for eternity engraved in our culture and in our hearts: what would this life be without them? Today countless unpolished artists and musicians fill our schools. Hidden legends to-be! Yet undiscovered, for they are not granted the chance to recognize themselves for what they are. Here exactly, is where our education fails on us. To you, I pose this question: Where have the art and music gone?

Because we need cultural education for individuality. Education is so much more than numbers and letters. It is perceiving, experiencing and developing. From the age of three to the age of eighteen, we trust our kids to be educated into a full grown individual. We trust them to be created, not produced. And in order to have them choose their own path, it is our task and our responsibility to introduce our youth to the variety of artistry this world offers. For if we won’t, heaven knows what legends will fail to flourish.

Because we need cultural education for equality. Does it sounds fair to you when I tell you kids are unable to follow music classes because of their parents income. Instead, talent should be encouraged, culture should celebrated. Music does not belong to the wealthy, nor does art belong to the privileged. They belong to the culture and the culture belongs to all.

I’m not asking you to solve the world's inequality nor to reshape the education system.

For the sake of our culture, our kids’ individuality, our kids’ equality, I urge you: Bring back the art and music in our education.



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