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Where My World Began

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Essay Preview: Where My World Began

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Where My World Began

My world began in one of the most beautiful places on earth, at least that's what I think.

That place made me who I am in my unique form different from most of the people around me.

A place filled with great and positive energy. A place that filled me with joy but angered me

From time to time because of how much I struggled in school there. It's the place where I was

Born. That place is called the Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates. A place where I made

Many friends that I will never forget. I lived the best thirteen years of my life in Abu Dhabi. I

Can still remember the feeling of the blistering heat on a hot summer day. Even though some

People might think it's unbearable and too much to handle, I was used to extremely hot weather

And also quite enjoy it as well.

My life in Abu Dhabi was quite amazing, except for that one thing that ruined everything

For me, because I never knew how to adapt to it. That problem was school. From kindergarten

Till grade 4 I went to a school with a British system that was close by my house, a 15-minute

Walk from my building located in the center of the city. But then after grade 4, the school was

Shut down for reasons I'm not aware of. I was doing really well in that school and had a lot of

Friends my age and the teachers were really sweet and resourceful. I loved that school so much

That I can still remember most of my teacher's names from the 4th grade. But moving on,

After that school was shut down, I pretty much had to switch schools every single year because

I couldn't find a school that I can adapt to and evolve in. their school system was horrible

And I couldn't bear to see myself staying in a school where I couldn't see myself evolving or

Being successful. That was one of the many reasons why my parents decided we should move

To Canada.

Since I was born and raised in Abu Dhabi, which is a Muslim country with modest




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