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Which Was Responsible for the Outbreak of Wwi, Internatiolal or Domestic Issues?

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Essay Preview: Which Was Responsible for the Outbreak of Wwi, Internatiolal or Domestic Issues?

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The WWI started in 1914, but before that many events happend, which eventually lead to the war. Many historians still argue about the reasons that caused the war tobreakout. The ideas and opinions about the causes of the war are still being studied and change every year. However, no one knows the exact reason that caused the WWI. There are two basic issues that causes and events are classified by: international and domestic. International issues were mostly responsible for the outbreak of the WWI.

One of the main international issues is imperialism. During the second half of 19th century the imperialism had sterted to spread around the Europe. The United Kingdom and France were growing very wealthy beacause of the markets, territories and resourses they were controlling in Africa. Many other countrie such as Russia, Germany, Austira-Hungary and Italy also wanted to gain some territories. This is the reason why the "scramble for Africa" had started . Eric Hobsbawm said that "scrumble for Africa" brought European countries into conflict. During the "scrumble" countries were compeating with each other and that caused difficulties among them.

The other important international issue is the creation of Alliances between the Europen Countries. Bismark was the first one to create an idea of alliances as part of a policy of deterrence. He thought that alliances would stop countries from the war outbreak. However, later in history we see that he created one of the causes of the WWI, which is very ironical. The Dual alliance between Germany and Austria-Hungary was created in 1879. With the addition of Italy to this alliance it became known as Triple Alliance. The same way Russia and France established their alliance which was called Franco - Russian Alliance (1894). Gearge Kennan said: " The "fateful" Franco - Russian alliance all but made WWI inevitable and guaranteed any Balkan quarrel would errupt in the war, which was preciously what happened." He meant that Russia that had an alliance with Serbia brought France into the war. That is a reasonable idea and it appears to be true later. All the alliances that were established made this war very dangerous and highly distructive.

The third international issue is Militarism. In the last part of the 19th century militarism was growing very fast; countries were spending enormous amounts of money on military matters. They were pushed by the idea of competition and deterrence. The idea of deterrence meant that political and military leaders thought that the larger country's military, then there is less chance that this country would be attacked. This idea was completely illogical and as a reasult WWI caused enormously many deaths and a lot of destruction. D.C. B. Lieven said that one of the reasons of the war was Germany's inability to curb its militarism. However, Germany was not the only country that had militarism; France



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