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Who Should Be Responsible for Our Old People

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Essay Preview: Who Should Be Responsible for Our Old People

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In Britain, when someone gets old, they often go to live in a home with other old people where there are nurses to look after them. Sometimes the government has to pay for this care. Who should be responsible for our old people? Give reasons.

Ageing is part of nature, someday we will all be old and pass away. As people grow old, they deteriorate both physically and mentally, therefor we can all agree that there should be people looking after them when they get in the latter stages of their lives. Some older people feel like they are strong enough to keep living on their own, others just are not capable of doing that anymore. Wives lose their husbands, husbands lose their wives and both are left struck by the reality of not having their partners around. They start feeling lonely and they become sad. Some can rely on family and friends for support and company and others are left by themselves without any family. Older people that want to go to a home, or are placed in a home for their own benefit should be able to rely on someone to pay the expenses.

First of all, being able to look after yourself is not always possible as in some cases people become ill and need constant treatment or people to look after them. Older people that move to a home should be able to rely on someone to pay the expenses. It might be themselves, it might be their children or relatives. If the elder person that moves into a home because they were not able to live at their own house is not able to afford their accommodation at these homes, the government should provide these elders with the needed funds.

Also, some lonely older people can’t rely on family because the family simply does not have the financial funds or does not want to pay up or they do not have the time to look after their elders. These people also need guidance and care and can’t be left out in the dark. Because all elders need to be looked after especially after they become lonely or ill or both.

To conclude, old people that move to a home and can rely on the support of their family or have enough financial capabilities to pay for their own stay at said homes should pay for their stay. Elders that cannot rely on friends or family for financial support should be financially backed by the government.



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