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College Intro Paper

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The person I have chosen to interview is Mr. Walter Taylor. Mr. Walter is a sixty-eight years old male. He was born in Ghana in West Africa. He lived in Ghana until the age of eight then made the journey to the United States and settled in Rahway, New Jersey. He currently stays at in a nursing home. Mr. Walter is a retired New York City Police Photographer he has worked for the police department for forty-eight years. Mr. Walter is currently a widow of six years. He has two adult children ages twenty-six and twenty-one both are males. His youngest son is currently in their last year of studies at the University Of Arts in Philadelphia. His oldest son is currently attending the University of Maryland for graduate school. They both are pursuing Business majors.

At the age sixty-five, Mr. Walter moved into a nursing home. His two sons could not devote enough time to taking care of their father due to their studies Mr. Walters two sons currently split the mortgage on their fathers house. When the mortgage is finally paid off, they plan to rent the house out. When his two sons are not in school, they try to be at the house as much as possible when they are not at school. After his two sons graduate they plan to both move into the house until the mortgage is paid off.the house until the mortgage is paid off.

Mr. Walter belongs to a Baptist church that he attends every Sunday and Wednesday. Mr. Walter ancestors are of Islam belief like many other people of ghanese decent. Mr. Walter is highly respected within his church. He is so much respect that people come to him for marriage counseling and for motivation. Even though his wife was of Islam belief. They left it up to their children to choose what they wanted to believe in which is Christian.



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