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Why Did Central Power Lose the World War 1

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Essay Preview: Why Did Central Power Lose the World War 1

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Why did Central power lose the WW1?

There are several reasons why the Central power lost the First World War. These include economic problems, military failure and social unrest.

1. Firstly, the Central Power lost the war due to economic problem.

For example, the British Naval Blockade of German ships carrying food and supplies.

The blockage cut the supplies of food and raw material to make weapons and bombs. The German were starving and died due to malnutrition and couldn't make more weapons and bombs. So by 1917 Britain was making 40000 more tons of bombs than Germany.

Another example is the American entry in the War.

When American joined the war, they brought more resources to help the Allies. This included money, soldiers to help fight and other resources. Altogether demoralizing the Germans everyday. New fresh American soldiers provide the Allies with great manpower. This made the German's Allies useless. They did little pressurized the enemies and unable to provide hugh resources

So the blockage of resources weaken the German and the American entry strengthen the Allies (Britain and France) made it clear to Germany that they could not continue to fight the war for much longer.

2. Secondly, the Central Power lost the war due to military failure.

For example the "Schlieffen plan" and the "Michael Offensive"

The Schlieffen plan which was to prevent the German from fighting the war on two fronts failed. The German were force to split their armies to both side. This drained much more resources. Although the war was four year this first military failure was the reason why Germany lost the war.

The Michael Offensive was the last attempt for German to win the war in 1918. Germans made a series of attacks on the western front destroying the British fifth army. However, the French and British fought back. The German could not fight on so they were pushed back. This was because the German were unable to bring more supports for their attacks while the Allies were replaced by the American manpower and resources.

Germany needed quick victories if it was to win the war. But both of these military failures became an unwinnable one of attrition due to miscalculation of the Allies' strength and its lack of real direction.

3. Lastly, the Central Power lost the war was due to Anger of their people within Germany.

For example, the social unrest:

German people were tired of war and poor living condition and little food which created anger. One million workers went on strike in January 1918 which continued throughout the year. Threat from communist grew and



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