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Why Failure Is Not an Option

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Essay Preview: Why Failure Is Not an Option

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The definition of failure is the state or condition of not meeting a desirable or intended objective, and may be viewed as the opposite of success. Failure is a word created by someone who has no drive or determination. It is a word given to those who do not try or even attempt to accomplish more in life. You choose to be a failure or to fail at something. It's not given or handed out to people like a served dish. In life that term has been used more times than I can remember. From those in my family, and just random people that I've met. That term can be a determining factor on your character, and it also reflects what theirs may be as well.

In many cases many hear the words "You will be a failure!" come from their family. Hearing those words coming from those in the family may strike deeper inside than those you don't know. It's hard to understand why they would want to see little to no success to become of anyone. You wonder have they had many continuous mistakes and disappointments in their life that they would scrutinize your life and make you feel inadequate? I see failures as opportunities of improvements. There's a saying that states "If you don't succeed try, try again.". Well that has been one of the sayings that I've learned is said for a reason.

I used to believe that I was never good enough when I was younger. As I got older I soon understood that if I don't have anyone to have my back then I would be my own backbone. People will not always be there to support the many endeavours that I decide to go on. At times it may seem as if you're alone and have no support from anybody. With no clue what to do next or even how to move forward from that point in time you soon have to decide if it's even worth it to continue. As time goes on giving up and failing up are not options that should be considered.

I know that my pride and background wouldn't allow me to contemplate those thoughts. As time passes and the world continues to change a realization sets in that a stable living environment will be essential to surviving and maintaining stability in life. Failing and stopping because of a setback in the process shouldn't be a determinant on the successes that someone should want to achieve

The reasoning behind my title question came from analyzing my family members, seeing how some are giving up on school in just the few months that we've been here, and other various situations. I realize that I would never want to see myself accomplish little to nothing in my lifetime. I see how some family members accept the struggle that they are going through. Going day to day wondering how they will make it. Not knowing when bills will be paid, and coming to the realization that they don't know how they will make it at the end of the day. It's an eye opener. Seeing my mom wear down her body and pushing my brothers and I to accomplish



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