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Why People Should Atten College

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Essay Preview: Why People Should Atten College

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I begin by asking, why attend college? Is it worth the heaps of money you put into it? Is it worth

putting four years away in your life to study? These are some questions teenagers experience coming to

the end of their final months of high school. The answer is yes it is worth every cent and every minute. It

all adds up in the long run it can be considered as an investment. I suggest what I believe the goal of

education should be, it is to learn from what you study and grasp the concept of what you studying and

go into the world and apply it. Education is about learning to think -- learning different ways to analyze

a problem and find a solution.

The conventional view is that education increases one's earning potential, so attending college is

a ticket to a high-paying job. It increases the odds of you getting a high paid job. You do get those

"freaks" who drop out school and become multi millionaires such Richard Branson.

Gamble if you want to drop out school and start up a business without studying. The odds are in favor

of going to college and making a living. 76.3432984% of high school graduates attend college. The sad

thing about that fact is only 51% of students only pass through college. College is not just about

getting a higher education but I think it's something every young person needs to experience. Not only

to learn to stand on your own two feet and become independent but start to understand where money

comes from and how to make a honest living.

The average Joe that graduates from college will have a higher living standard than the average

Joe that has not attended college. There are ways out there in the world to make money without

attending college. But if would have to say if you have the option and opportunity to go to college you

must take it hands down and no questions asked.



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