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Will to Continue - Hispanic College Fund

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Hispanic college fund.

One of my greatest strengths at school that I have recognized is to be my ability to be a well-organized individual. I tend to write down what I have to do on paper and prioritize what is most important. In doing this, it helps me organize and accomplish my work and meet deadlines. I also have patience; I am a mother of five ranging from teenage to adulthood that is a handful. I am dedicated and hardworking and work well with others. I enjoy speaking, listening and giving input to my team members, so that they can be aware that they can count on me to participate as a team player.

I plan to transfer to a four year college to pursue a bachelor in Criminal Justice. I have come to realize while seeking advancement in many companies that a "Bachelor Degree is required". Without a degree it is not impossible to be promoted, but it is more of an exception than the normal. With so many younger people entering the work place with a degree in hand, it is more and more prevalent that I enhance my education with the completion of my degree. I want my knowledge and decision making abilities in the field as a detective or social worker.

I was considered for the Presidential Ambassador Position. If chosen this opportunity would have given me the opportunity to be part of the college activities and keep me informed of all the services the school has to offer. Even though I contributed time to help and assist fellow students. I was able to be a voice among members on different subjects. I had contributed with my ideas and suggestions. It gave me the chance to explore the responsibility and leadership roles it will be very rewarding towards my future. It gave me the opportunity to experience the different settings, whether it may be setting for hearings, nominations, or future planning activates. I was asked to be a spokesperson for the Domestic Violence Shelter and speak to the women, who were residing at the shelter, of my own experience that I had with a very abusive husband. I would go and speak to the woman on how I control of my behavior and the desicions I made, how I planned my escape and how I regained my self-esteem and confidence.

I was also the President for an organization in my church. I had to organize events, meetings, activates, fund raising events for the church. The assignment in team learning has already given me a better understanding to the importance of "team" in the workplace. With a career advancement comes the responsibility of leading, and a leader has to be able to assess the abilities of each team member. I will be able to contribute these experiences to my future employer knowing that LCCC gave me the opportunity and knowledge of being part of a team.

I came to the United States at the age of two from Puerto Rico due to an illness that claimed my mother's life. I was raised by my grandmother who always



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