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Services for Elderly People

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According to his care plan and from my own observation Mr. T is an 85-year-old man who lives in a care Home. He is mobile but he needs someone to support him to the toilet. When supporting him I would walk beside him just in case he misses his step. Mr. T prefer to use adapted toilet and he usually requests for if after he has lunch. On occasions when Mr. T has found someone else using his favourite toilet he has been quite cross. I have to explain to him that it is occupied and that he will have to use another toilet which is occupied and that he will have to use another toilet which is just like the other one. I wore my gloves and apron to control infection from spreading. I would then escort him to his toilet. I would ask Mr.T if he needs assistance to undo his trousers, he would sometimes ask for help but usually he is able to mange by himself. I would then respect Mr. T's privacy and his dignity by leaving him alone in the toilet and waiting nearby. I usually Remind him of the call bell to call for help. If then went back in on hearing the call bell. I showed him the tissue paper and the wet wipes. He pointed to the tissue paper which I gave to him. Reminded him to flush the toilet so as to maintain his dignity. I will also remind him to wash his hands and I washed my effectively. I then supported him safely by walking beside him to his room or the lounge whichever he prefers.

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I worked as a care worker in a residential home for the elderly. I was informed during the handover that Mrs. M is continent but she wears a pad as she does not always make the toilet on time. I also made myself aware of this because I read her care plan this was to establishe the level of assistance required by Mrs. M. that Mrs. M has MRSA and that the policy in place at the home is for all care workers to wear protective clothing and gloves before entering her room. This is for our own protection and to prevent cross infection. As I was assigned to work with Mrs. M . I would answer the alrm call when she busses for assistance. Before entering her room I would wear a plastic apron and disposable gloves. I was advised to wear two pairs of gloves in case one gets torn. I switched off the alarm on entering her room and then asked Mrs. M if she will like to use the bed pan, commode or toilet. She said that she preferred to use the commode because it is raised up and this will minimize the pain on her knees. I also asked her how she wanted to be helped as she was ill in bed. Mrs. M said that she needed to be supported out of bed as she has poor mobility but she was able to weight bear. I closed the door to maintain her privacy. I would assist her to pull down her underclothes and advise her to hold onto the frame of the commode so that she could lower herself to a sitting position. I then left the room so that she could have privacy and gave her the alarm so that she could call me when she has finished. Once I heard the bell I returned to her room and assisted her with her clothes and changed her pad as it was soiled with loose faeces. I asked her if she will like to use tissue paper or wet wipes. She said that wet wipes will be alright. I handed it to her since she can manage that. I supported to her to move to the sink wash and washed her hands with soap and water and that they are thoroughly dried. I cleared a table that was on her way and then supported Mrs. M back to bed. I covered the commode and wrap the incontinent pad in a plastic. These were taken to the sluice room where I disposed of the content in the commode and dropped the incontinent pad in the yellow bag. I used the sanitizer to clean the commode. The protective clothing and gloves were also disposed in the yellow bag and another pair of glove was used. All these were done to prevent cross contamination. I washed and dried my hands properly. I went back to her room to tell her about her faeces that was watery and I also explained to her that I will have to report that to the duty manager for immediate action. She said that will be good as she was feeling pains in her stomach . I reported this to the duty manager who gave me the fluid balance chart to record this on as she said that the GP might ask for that and that it is also good for monitoring. I estimated and recorded in the fluid balance chart.





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