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Women's Position - World War 2

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Since World War II women's position has changed. Before the war women didn't have equal rights with men, they couldn't work in full-time jobs, and they didn't have an opportunity to vote of be part of the political life. After World War II male workforce was in deficit; that was a factor in asking women for equality. Females had to work; the percentage of working women has grown. However, the pressure from men's subordination to them, and a lack of legal equality were felt by women. All those factors caused the start of the feminist movements.

The feminist movement was very common in Russia. Women have got tired after the war. There was a lack of male resources. Consequently, they decided to protect their rights. Women still wanted to work, but they wanted to get equal salary for the same jobs as men. They wanted to get control over Russia. That way, 8th of 1957 they started a huge feminist movement. All women went out of their houses and crouded the streets of Moscow. They asked for rights, for equality, and for independence from men. They wanted to stop gender discrimination and wanted to get political rights. The government scrutinized their claims and decided to satisfy them. Women got everything that they asked for. After this huge movement, the government declared 8th of March the national holiday - The International Woman's Day. Therefore, in 1975 The United Nations Organization (UN) has proclaimed The 8th of March as "The Day of struggle for the rights of women and am international peace of United Nations Organization". The International Women's Day is still celebrated in all post-Sovet Union countries.



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