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Women Better Than Men

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From the traditional perspective which is carried out up to date by some communities and individuals, women had been regarded with the role of rearing children. Biologically it is a necessity that women give birth as well upholds the responsibility of feeding the baby. Traditionally, women were thus considered as natural parents while fathers were only regarded to be important during conception after which they were considered to be nuisance.

Though fathers are nowadays getting involved in child care more than they used to be, I strongly stand with the notion that women make good parents than men. At a closer look, women start bonding with their children right from the conception. This tends to bring them closer to the children and it is further facilitated by the daily routines they carry out to their children for example feeding to taking care of them. Worldwide, it is known that a higher percentage of women do not work. Especially in the third world countries, women often remain home with their children as me go to work. This means that they play a very vital role in determining how the child will grow and how well or bad behaved the child will. Mothers are more likely than fathers to spend not only more time overall with their children, but also more time multitasking, more physical labor, a more rigid timetable, more time alone with children, and more overall responsibility for their care.

However there is a minority of women that can be defined as the second shift. This is when a women comes home after a day of work and a second shift of housework, cooking and taking care of the children, while her husband does not do much or any of this work. The second shift accounts for an extra month of housework and childcare a year for women. In my household this holds so true, I work full time and attend school, then come home and my husband will have not made sure her homework is done, or cleaned up their mess from dinner.

It is known that a higher percentage of men whether working or not tend hang around more with their friends during their leisure time. In most cases they will show up in their home later in the day unlike women who always feel they have a duty to attend to making them spend more time at home thus more time to be with the children. I have personally witnessed this family members, my sister-in-laws husband rather go golfing or play cards on his days of then stay home with the children and spend time playing or interacting with them.

The other factor that makes women good parents is their innate nature of being more caring and forgiving. This puts them a notch higher than men for they will tend to forgive their children when they wrong unlike men who they immediate action in most cases will be to punish them. This will lead to morally upright children for they will have understood what is good and what is bad. Just imagine how the bible describes the woman after they ate the forbidden fruit. She was told



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