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Workplace Case

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Workplace Observation.

In the criminal justice field the best known position of law enforcement is the police officers who are in and out of the field on a daily basis. They serve in various tasks within the force. Some of the officers must perform duties such as traffic, court services, investigations of criminal cases and civil cases for police reports. The main goal is to maintain responsibility of the public and keep the public safe. Within the police ranking they have superiors that are organized by levels of rankings. The rankings to the leaderships within the police enforcement are separated by levels.

In the upper managements levels of law enforcement you would rank as a police chief, police deputy chief or a police commander. Police chiefs rank the highest in the management's levels. Their daily objective is to oversee the police field of their county. They work right under the Board of police Commissions and some of their other duties may include developing new law legislations and they can also respond to complaints that are made by public citizens.

A deputy police chief is a high managements position that oversees the personnel of the department this includes detectives, recruiting officers, and patrol officers. They deputy chief can be promoted to chief of police.

The Police Commander is also an upper management position that works in geographical areas of the county. Police captains may have the duties of inspecting city buildings, inspecting the work that some of the employees accomplish or investigate. The Police Commander may also encourage the change of neighborhood safety, teach classes the academy classes and will even review the budget requests that are needed.

The middle management of the police departments is the Police Sergeant and the police Lieutenant. The police sergeant is assigned to different areas geographically. Sergeants will provide a probationary training for officers and do such task like inspect uniforms, inspect equipment, supervise patrol officers, do report reviews, keep his staff up to date on information within the department.



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