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World Order

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Essay Preview: World Order

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The whole world order shifted after the great world population loss of The Second World War. The slow restructuring of the world order after World War Two was due to the unequal distribution of political preferences such as capitalism and socialism. Socialism benefits agrarian societies and collectivist cultures that promote equality for all classes. Socialism also brings stability to countries with broken infrastructures after the Second World War as they transitioned to communism and also reject Western imperialism. China supports socialism because world war two caused a population loss of over sixteen million plus social and economic dislocation.

Socialism is a political and economic theory that is a system of production and distribution organized to directly satisfy economic demands and human needs, so that goods and services would be produced directly for use instead of for private profit driven by the accumulation of capital. Socialism originated during the French Revolution in 1789. It has ideas based on those in The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. The socialist philosophy became popular in the late 1800's because of the abuses unregulated capitalism during the rapid western industrialization. People who supported socialism were those who had lost their power to the new corporate owner class because it was a system that allowed them to have power.



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