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Wrong Bus

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Two stories which explore a male/female relationships from a particular point of view.

'Seeing Anyone' an excellent short story by Tom Vowler. The story is told in first person narrative through the male character, Steve. He is paying a visit to Sarah - his wife in the past - due to the ill state of their dog. Through the story the readers acknowledge Steve's feeling for Sarah but are left to make their own judgement on Sarah's feelings.

When Steve first meets Sarah, he 'waits for the musk of Chanel to hit' him. He also 'can't resist glancing at her finger on her left hand'. His desire for the musk smell and action depicts his cupidity towards Sarah and is not over her. However, the Chanel musk does not hit him how he expects it and in addition to this disappointment he finds her finger bare. From the beginning of the story the readers feel empathy for Steve.

When Steve and Sarah are sitting outside near the Misty, their dog, Steve describes the atmosphere around them, 'a warm breeze weaves between us' this metaphor compares a breeze to yarn of fabric being woven. 'Weaving' is interlacing two pieces of yarn to form fabric. In respect, Steve feels Sarah and himself being interlaced together by the breeze to form closeness. This creates a vivid image in the readers' mind of Steve's desires.

The reader acknowledge that Steve has never moved in from Sarah after the break up: ' I loaded them into the van in that other time, I'd ask to keep one, but she said they mated well with each other and needed to be close, which only made me love her more'. Steve's love increases for Sarah after their break up even though she refuses to let him have his way. His admiration for her defeats all and makes him look at the situation with an optimistic attitude. Once again the writer persuades the readers to feel sorry for Steve.

As the story is told from Steve's viewpoint the reader has a greater insight into his feelings. However, from what we know of Sarah's emotions it is not clear how she feels towards Steve. Her emotions are vague and fluctuating. The readers understand that Sarah is in a current relationship with someone which indicates she has step forward from the past. Also at one point Sarah takes Steve's name when talking to him, as if she was 'building a wall' between them. Steve realises this too.

On the other hand the language suggests that there is a possibility that Sarah may have some desire for Steve. As Steve's visit comes near to its end he searches ' for her love like a distant star that's seen but no longer there'. The simile compares Sarah's love for Steve with a star. 'Stars' have a considerably long life, in respect to average human lifespan. This illustrates the possibility



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