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Y5 English

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Question 1 (10 marks)

Based on the picture, write one correct sentence .You must use both the words given.

A) -netball -evening

B) - market -noisy

C) - enjoyed -pool

D) - reading - library

E) -saw -park

F) -sleeps -kennel

G) -hobby - badges

H) - hibiscus -petals

I) -taller -sister

J) -carrying -a lot


Question 2 (15 marks)

Study the poster carefully. Use the information to complete the passage.

Aaron: I heard about the (1) .Do you want to join?

Debra: Yes, of course. My friend and I have signed up.

Aaron: We will be (2) cars.

Debra: So are we. I think it is fun. Our group consist (3) .

Aaron: My group too. And we have to bring (4)

Debra: I am sure we will collect a lot of money.

Aaron: Yes, washing one car brings us (5)


Question 3 (15 marks)

The pictures below tell you about Kevin's hobby. Use all the words to describe the pictures. Write your answers in the space provided.

A) -obby -collecting stamps - Malaysia



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