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Youth Violence in Schools

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Essay Preview: Youth Violence in Schools

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Must people ask what is it that is causing so much violence with the youth in schools? That question suppose to be in everyone head, because is something that should concern the entire society now days since its getting worst not every year, but every day. Youth Violence in schools and outside of the school is an issue that is damaging the whole world.

Is youth violence in school something that is happen recently? No it's going on for years now, and the bad part is that every year is getting worst and worst, and don't happen only in one country is all over the world, and not only in the schools, away from school too, where they are more likely to get kill for the simple reason that they are not surrounded by another students or teachers. Based on an Article back on 1999, students between the ages of 12 and 18 approximately 186,000 where victims of violence crime in school and 476,000 while away from school (National Center for Educational Statistics 2001).

The Government invest a lot of money on different organization, trying to help to stop the violence with our young people, but those organizations did not work the way that it was expected, and plus it wasn't enough to stop all the youth violence around the world.

There is many possible reason of why we are having so many violence among the youth and schools, and some of the cause are that, parents are not well educating them kids, some children are raising in a family with a lots of problem and they transmit all those problems to the children, kids that are getting bit up every day for no reason or for simple stuff, children that are not well feed at home, children that sometimes want something and the parents cannot afford it and then they see that one of the classmate have it they get upset and make them want to fight for it, children that are being abuse from the parents, family members, and even friends, children


that are around bad company all the times, kids that have a low self-esteem and kids that are just normally rude and like to get in trouble all the time just because they like to fight.

As a result of all the causes of why there are so many Youth Violence in schools and outside of it, our youth end up with anger, disappointed from their own families and that makes them want to do whatever they can do to them to go, and do it to an innocent person that has nothing to do with what is happening with them, they end up fighting another youth for the things they have because they parent did not give them the money or buy it for them, they end up being criminal, bullying everyone around them, especially when the parents don't care about the kids they end up hanging around bad people, getting in gangs that are going to force child to do thing that they don't even want to do. Those are many



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