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Cosmetice Surgery on Teenagers

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Section A

Cosmetic surgery on teenagers


      In the article “Plastic surgery for teens” we hear Valerie Ulene speak about how she as at teen wanted her nose done because it was big and hooked. She as many other teens want the perfect body, to be beautiful and hot like a model. But that is not something everybody is born with. Therefore, many teens want to get a plastic surgery, to get a new nose, a thigh cap, flat abs or smaller ears. All pretty small imperfections there can be a target for bullying. No one wants to be the victim of that, but teens should have plastic surgery, their body isn’t even full grown yet, maybe the bones but their body is still in a developing state. Therefore, is it important that the doctors only operate on the teens who really needs it, not just to get a silly thigh cap, that can be active by proper training.

     In the article “Seeking Self-Esteem Through Surgery” Camille Sweeny tee loss that many teens want to go through surgery to get at better self-esteem, even thou the chance can be made through some exercise and diet. Every teen wants to get the look they see in magazines, with is computer made whit Photoshop. Parents aren’t ready for this plastic upsets generations. They don’t know what they have to say to there crying teen with low self-esteem, how wants an operation to look “normal”. It´s not easy for them, they know, that they may be happy for some time, but then something new comes up and then they want more.



     Valerie Ulene engages her reader by using the right amount of pathos, ethos and logos. She present pathos by telling us that she herself considered a nose job, because her nose was different “Both its size (too big) and its shape (hooked) made me feel as if I stood out.”  And then in the end she gives us all the clearings that we needed by saying “As far as my own nose goes, I’ve never really grown to love it. I have grown used to it, however, and have no regrets that it was never “fixed.” It’s simply part of who I am. At 44 years of age, my nose is actually the least of my cosmetic concerns – it’s my aging skin that haunts me now.” Everything in this quotations is the answer off all she had talked about in her article, how we should embrace our imperfections. She speaks what everyone is thinking, she is one of us and that get us to believe in her, even if we are into the plastic world, we know deep down that was she is saying is the right thing


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