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5 Myths About Programming

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Essay Preview: 5 Myths About Programming

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It was late 90, when I was studying about computer programming. The technical jargon were so annoying that I hardly could manage them to understand. I was too confused to believe the power of programming and its usefulness. I was so scared that I couldn't read the books or couldn't concentrate on other things. I searched for probable solution for the problem, suddenly; one of my closest friends who are a programmer helped me a lot about this.

After some conclusive discussion with my friend, I learned a lot of things that helped me to overcome my problems. Blogs and several websites also helped me with their rich contents. I felt something that I should share the things with you.

Firstly, a programmer is different from any other professions. A doctor has a boundary to work or a specialized engineer but for a programmer there is no boundary. You can work like a doctor by providing first aid software which may include the initial treatment for different medical crisis. You can work like an engineer by writing some programs that can help an engineer to estimate the probable cost of a construction. You can spread the working area from every possible level on earth.

Secondly, programmers are genius from born or practicing from childhood. A large number of people believe that programming is hard enough to understand or it may require merit that average person doesn't own. The reality is that everyone is has programming skill since their childhood. Have you played Lego or some other similar games? Haven't you try to organize your birthday party with some special features for your friends? Haven't you go for hiking or skiing or travelling? All of these are part of programming. You turned some crap toys into a high rise building. You have planned, budgeted, and arranged the party which is the basic functions of programming. Actually we live a life that is full of some programs whose are interrelated and give the result as they are scheduled.

Thirdly, programming is a hard work than any other common profession. Seriously, I was affected with this myth for the lack of basic knowledge. I have researched on several software companies where their employees has to work only for 40 hours in a week even they can perform it from their home. It's like learning a language, technically the language of machines. Can you write an essay in German language if your mother language is either English or Arabic? But it will not be a matter when you learn the alphabets and grammar of the language. After practicing the writing style you will be able to write the essay. Programming is same, when you learn some basic knowledge and their usage, it will be easier.

Fourthly, programming is boring. At the very beginning it may seem. But a famous developer once said, "Coding is poetry". The first step is always harder, if you take the first step, the other steps will follow you. The first step will judge



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