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Student of Mba Program

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i am a student of MBA program and i need journal article on operation management,organizational behavior,accounting and finance and marketing management.i presently studying at london school of business and finance here in london and i will appreciate if i can get the relevant materials needed to complete my various assignments

My school is at 56 oxford road,manchester

Also need the following articles:


financial times


An important decision when trying to determine the overall competitive marketing strategy is place. Place includes company activities that make the product available to target consumers. Google's place is the internet. When it comes to Google and trying to target their consumers, the people on the Internet, no one does it better.

In the past three years, Google has gone from processing 100 million searches per day to over 200 million searches per day and only one-third comes from inside the U.S., the rest are in 88 other languages. "The rate of the adoption of the Internet in all its forms is increasing, not decreasing," says Eric Schmidt, Google's C.E.O. "The fact that many [Internet companies] are in a terrible state does not correlate with users not using their products."

VeriSign, which operates much of the Internet's infrastructure, was processing 600 million domain requests per day in early 2000. It's now processing nine billion per day. A domain request is anytime anyone types in .com or .net. Within the next few years users will be able to be both mobile and totally connected, thanks to the pending explosion of Wi-Fi, or wireless fidelity. Using radio technology, Wi-Fi will provide high-speed connection from your laptop computer or P.D.A. to the Internet from anywhere; McDonald's, the beach or your library.

Google introduced the language limit in April 2000 with eleven languages, which was expanded as of Aug. 2000 to 24. As of July 2001, Russian was added. In Nov. 2001, Arabic and Turkish and then in early 2002 Catalan, Croatian, Indonesian, Serbian, Slovak, and Slovenian joined the group for the following 34 language limit options. These are available on the Advanced Search page and their Language Tools page.



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