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A Report on the Translation of “alternatives to Uniformity”

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Essay Preview: A Report on the Translation of “alternatives to Uniformity”

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外文题目: A Report on the Translation of “Alternatives to Uniformity”

院    系         英语学院                 

专    业         英语(翻译)             

年    级         2012级                    

学    号         20201238020018           

学生姓名         郭思言                   

指导教师         刘嘉                     

结稿日期         2016年5 月 5日           



摘要:本次的翻译项目是对原版书《如何管理学校》(Run School Run)的第二章节进行翻译。本书由哈佛大学出版社于1980年7月出版,作者为罗兰·巴特(Roland S. Barth)。文中作者站在一名小学校长的角度,结合自己从事教育工作的经验,指出美国小学教育中普遍存在的问题,深刻地探讨了问题背后的原因, 并且从多方面提出了自己的建议。作者在文中引用大量事实例子,反映了美国小学多元化教育发展的困境。他没有阐释哪一种具体的解决办法,而是试图拓宽教育工作者思维,引导他们从多角度来寻求问题的答案。



A Report on the Translation of “Alternatives to Uniformity”


This is a translation report on Chapter II of Run School Run by Roland S. Barth, which was published by Harvard University Press in July 1980. This book is an account by the author as a principle of elementary school. He, from his experience as an educator for years, points out the central problems in American elementary education and puts forward deep analyses and multi-aspect suggestions. Rather than offering specific solutions for others to replicate, Barth tends to enlarge the universe of alternative solutions to problems, and to provoke others to think.

The main contents of this report are divided into four parts. The first part introduces the background, significance and structure of the translation project. The second part is the analysis of the original text, including the background of authors and lexical and textual styles of the original text. The third part illustrates difficulties in translation and discusses with abundant examples the principles and strategies applied to the translation. The forth part is the summary of lessons drawn from the translation project.

Key words: translation project report; education; dynamic equivalence;conversion


 First and foremost, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my supervisor, Professor Liu Jia, who has kindly offered me precious suggestions in translating skills and academic studies. With patience and prudence, she labored through drafts of this report and pointed out defects therein. Therefore, I owe all the merits in this report, if any, to her, though I am fully aware that it might still contain some mistakes, for which I bear the whole responsibility.

My deepest thanks go to all the teachers in my college life, without whom I should never have made such great progress in English and translation. The profit that I gained from their profound knowledge, remarkable expertise and intellectual ingenuity will be of everlasting significance to my future working.

Last but not the least, many thanks go to my family and my friends, for their long-lasting support and thoughtfulness, without which my life could have been much darker.


中文摘要        i

Abstract        ii

Acknowledgments        iii

Introdution        1

I.        Analysis of the Original Text        3

A. About the Author        3

B. About the Style of the Source Text        3

1. Lexical Features        3

2. Textual Features        4

II. Analysis of the Translation Practice        5

A. Difficulties in Translations        5

B. Strategies Applied to the Translation        5

1. Addition        5

2. Inversion        7

3. Conversion of Word Classes        8

Conclusion        10

Notes        12

Bibliography        14

Appendix 1: Source Text        16



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